cosmopolitan dogtrot is a cosmomusical duo with heini nukari (voice) and marco ponce kärgel (guitars). we play songs in middle ocean english about white dogs, cosmopolitan nomads, lost trails, warming fleeces between sisters and the overwhelming feeling of paralel realities.

check our myspace site for music and infos about the coming concerts:

"i breath in my tea leaves. the wind of my breath moves the green particles in the cup. i see pines and bamboo forests. i see hills, valleys and coastlines meeting the sea. i see wild boars, foxes and hares; white wolves crossing the continents on their way to somewhere. i see giants birds flying across seven seas and landing on islands where tender snakes are hypnotising each other."




why the dog?

the dog embodies the cosmopolitan qualities. dogs are curios, enthousiastic, open, emphatic, positive but also able to show deep melancholy. a dog is exploring its environement, constantly finding something new in it. it is fully using its senses and does not judge the result.

i am a mongrel dog; little bit of an unproposional outsider which is difficult to place in any particular shelf. and the dogs sing.