jekku is an improvised performance for sound in movement.

it is flexibel in time and space.


it goes like this: femme fatale goes wailing till she transforms into a singing child. stomping feet accentuate the loud kid in rhythm. but the body feels old. the shaman otshir-böö has his word and i let him have the stage. then the hands, these agile antennas which take over and play a charlatan’s dance. a laughter rolls out of the palms and lifts the sound to higher plane till i meet the jekku, a song about a big wawe.




or it goes like this: she is coming on stage and feeling like a pine tree in the evening sun. a spine out of pine and one sound for every woody vertebra. then she stumbles and starts to cry; out of joy or sadness we don’t know. but healing is already taking place in the shelter of otshir-böö. the feet start to turn and the tongue curl as the spit fullfills the mouth. the big wawe is born as the jekku goes on.

or it goes like this: someone is giggling in the middle of the entrance. something is disturbing the glamorous melody being presented pure. under the surface sounds are mocking each other. i stretch my limbs till the limits and hope that the tune will cope with me. then i shake it out and descent deeper into my potato cellar where there is a story to be told and jekku is its name.