koomori is a unique string instrument. 

it is distantly related to japanese koto and finnish kantele but stands on its own and trancends all traditional string instruments.

the name koomori means bat in japanese and refers to its shape. the instrument acts like a modern shamanís companion but is more various in itsí musical and visual diversity. 

2008 i requested joerg fahlenkamp to create a completely new instrument for me. he came up with a modified formal lamp design made out of colored acrylic glass, which was transformed into a resonating  instrument with strings.

2009 koomori's were a part of serpentime.

KOOMORI SOI is a performance for voice, movement and koomori-instruments. it concentrates on the dialogue between the instrument, my body and voice. iím inspired by the movement and sound of bats and the interplay between echoes, screams and instant story telling.

koomori soi was premiered in september 2010 in japan.

listen to koomori at the sound bar!