Kuloflux is like a museum of transparent levels with invisible visitors. It is a reach for plateaus like rooms, which are hanging in the emptiness. It has an unknown language which tells its' own legend: there is a steppe without an end. Try to ride there and you are captured by spacephobia. Inside, outside, between. Body, space and sound.

Kuloflux is a duet for a dancer and a musician. Both are on stage producing sound and movement. The musician is working with an electro-pad, which contains a set sound material, which he is nevertheless free to variate and reorganize during the live performance situation. The choreography of the dancer is set within a certain movement path on stage among two blue boxes which identify the space.Inside the movement there is also a minute freedom for variation and changes in timing. Kuloflux was premiered 2005 at the TANZTAGE in Sophiensaele, Berlin.

Idea and performance: Heini Nukari

Music and performance: Sebastian Schmidt

Set design: Jörg Fahlenkamp

Light: Heini Nukari

Length: 25 min.

Production: Heni Nukari, Produktionsbüro TANZTAGE BERLIN, supported by Mime Centrum


Technical rider:


Space:9 x 9 or bigger

White dance floor

General light (taking evenly the whole stage)

Special requirements according to sound:The Instrument the musician uses is an electronical drum-pad. This means that he gives a stereo-sound away to the sound system at the theatre.

He uses a lot of stereo-sounds, which means that´s important, that there is one speaker for the right and one speaker for the

left channel.


Coming from the mixing desk he needs:

2 long XLR-Cabels reaching to the stage

1 Stereo- or 2 Mono-DI-Boxes