whitedogballads is a navigation between stars, soap bubbles and cells.

it reflects the world from the perspective of the white dog. the solo consists of text, singing and movement. all these components are considered music.


it was developed and premiered at the roy hart theatre in south of france, june 2006 and was supported as a stipendium by the city governement of berlin.


idea and performance: heini nukari

length: 25min

the piece can be performed in a non-theatrical space.

„when i concentrate on my third eye, i see myself drifting inside a happy, transparent soap bubble in space. i sit inside rather comfortably in a kind of a rocking chair and sometimes i even have company of kindred spirits. furthermore, my bubble is not the only one: from closer look i can see other bubbles with someone in drifting by. there is no contact but a quiet understanding that this is the moment and

place to be”

moment and place, a related photographic work by joerg fahlenkamp